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Military Law

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 As a member of the Armed Forces things can and occasionally do go wrong and you may be facing criminal investigation. We can help. This is a specialist field and experience really matters if mistakes are to be avoided. Our team specializes in Criminal Litigation and our solicitors have many years experience in criminal litigation but also, crucially, in helping Service Members caught up in the criminal justice system


Police Interviews

 Service Personnel may be invited to or indeed required to attend for interview with either military or civilian police. Anyone in this situation is entitled to free and independent legal advice and representation and should always request it. Our specialist advisers will be happy to attend in interview with you whenever and wherever that interview is to take place. A Duty Solicitor scheme will be offered to you but very often the solicitors who attend will not have experience in dealing with military personnel or of the particular needs of and the implications for service personnel in this situation. Service Personnel are subject to legal provisions which do not apply to civilians – lawyers who only practice in the civilian jurisdiction may have no experience in dealing with military law. Ask for a specialist.


Criminal Prosecutions

 If you are charged your case will be referred to Summary Dealing or in more serious cases it may be directed to the Court Martial. At McNeil & Co our specialist advocates will be able to advise you on legal and evidential matters and indeed to represent you in the Court Martial. If the matter is before the Court Martial then we can assist you in applying for and securing legal aid to cover your legal expenses under the terms of the Armed Forces Legal Aid arrangements.



 We can also assist and provide representation in appealing decisions made by the CO at Summary Dealing to the Summary Appeals Court and in relation to appeals against decisions of the Court Martial to the Court Martial Appeals Court.


The Military Law team is headed up by Gordon Holt who has more than 20 years experience in Military Cases. He has represented clients all over the country as well as in Northern Ireland, Cyprus and Germany. If you have any questions he can be contacted on 01522 539111 or out of hours on his mobile number 07973 667869.

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