Divorce and family law

Our team specialises in all areas of family law

Our team specialises in all areas of family law. We understand that when things do not go right it can be a very stressful and emotional time and we aim to help deal with the legal aspects of your family issues. We cover the following areas of family law:

• Divorce
• Children
• Finances
• Injunctions
• Care Proceedings


Realising that a long-term relationship has ended can be a very stressful and emotional time and many issues can arise out of a divorce. The end of a relationship can leave people very isolated and feeling confused. Our specialist friendly team are here to help and can guide you through all the legal issues that may arise including financial issues and children matters. Our team will advise and guide you through the appropriate way forward.


Following separation many issues will arise. This can include how to deal with property, pensions and savings. Sometimes it may be possible to reach an agreement without the need for Court proceedings and our team will aim to aid you in reaching an agreement, and consider if mediation will be appropriate in your case.

Should it be that your matter is not appropriate for a settlement we can help guide you through the Court proceedings and help to reach a resolution.


It can often be very difficult to agree on the best long term interests of children. Following separation many disagreements occur as to the best way forward and how to deal with matters so as to cause as little impact on the health and welfare of children.

Our team can advise in relation to long term arrangements for where children should live and contact arrangements with the non-resident parents.

Sometimes it is the issue of schooling and holidays that arise between parents. Both parents have a right to a say in relation to their child’s safety and well-being. We can help you to ensure that you have a voice in relation to all aspects that affect the long term arrangements for your child.


Domestic abuse can take many forms, the most common is physical abuse but emotional abuse can be just as painful. We are here to help no matter how difficult the situation may be. Our team will approach your situation with sympathy and understanding and help guide you through the necessary steps to ensure your safety.

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